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Bespoke Statue

Your pregnancy eternalized

Being pregnant is one of the most exciting life experiences. To capture this very special journey, le Bump studio creates your bespoke statue of your pregnant body with true likeness. Your most precious memory of your transformation. So you can cherish this special and very short phase in life forever.
It’s a kind of magic!


How it works

Modern technology meets traditional artcraft.

During our appointment in our studio, we show you all the materials and the possible sizes, so you can choose the model you prefer.

Then we start the photoshoot: we first show you the possible postures and guide you into the right pose. This is a wonderful experience as you will see your pregnant body like you have never seen it before. After the shooting, we edit your photos and start the handwork.

During your maternity period, while you are cocooning your baby, your artwork will arrive: to treasure forever.

About us

le Bump is an art studio where real women's bodies are honoured and celebrated - exactly as they are. Pregnant, non-pregnant, with baby in arms or busts of breasts and portraits. le Bump is an Amsterdam-based family business run by two sisters, born out of necessity in 2018 when the photographer among them wanted to immortalise her third pregnancy. Together, they discovered the possibilities of advanced 3D photography and combined it with the age-old craft of bronze casting. With the growing studios, the le Bump team has created beautiful statues for women all around the world.

Momma Luv

le Bump donates a part of your purchase to the MommaLuv foundation. This way you automatically contribute to a baby package with everything a mother and her baby in a developing country will need for a safe and healthy start.

If you would like to make a full donation or would like to know more about MommaLuv, please visit


Exclusive service

For the mum-to-be who cannot or does not wish to travel to one of our studios, le Bump offers the Exclusive service: your personal artwork made at your home. We'll inform you in advance what to expect and on the day of the appointment, le Bump will travel your way for the photography. Would you like to know more about our Exclusive service? Please send an email with your wishes to


The Exclusive service can also be booked for a motherblessing or baby shower celebration where a small group of (pregnant) ladies would like to eternalize and celebrate their body. With the le Bump experience you'll give your event a magical touch!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your question not listed? Then don't hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to make a decision in advance regarding the material and the size of the sculpture?

Not at all, you may decide right after the shoot. We would love to advise you on this.

When can I expect my sculpture?

Around 15 weeks after your appointment, your artwork will be ready. You will receive your piece of leBump sculpture at your home address, a track & trace will be e-mailed to you. And the unboxing.. such a special and emotional moment.

Is 3D photography harmful for the baby?

Absolutely not. Our 3D camera is just as safe as any other camera.

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